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wayman_headshotJeffrey C. Wayman, Ph.D., is an education consultant, focusing on the effective use of data in education.  Dr. Wayman’s research on data-based decision-making includes efficient structures for creating data-informed school districts, software that delivers student data to educators, effective leadership for data use, professional learning for data use, and systemic supports that enable widespread teacher use of student data.

Dr. Wayman has over 25 years of experience in education.  He began his research on data use while working with the Center for Social Organization of Schools at Johns Hopkins University and continued this research while serving as a faculty member in the Department of Educational Administration at the University of Texas at Austin.

In 2008, Dr. Wayman received the Jack A. Culbertson award from the University Council for Educational Administration, for significant contributions to the field of educational administration.  He has also received awards for research, publication, and teaching.

Prior to embarking on a research agenda for education data use, Dr. Wayman was a researcher at Colorado State University, focusing on school dropouts.  He also served as a junior high math teacher in Kansas City and Salt Lake City.  Dr. Wayman lives in Austin, TX with his fabulous wife and their two children.

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