Wayman Services, LLC


You’ve found the website for the consulting practice of Jeffrey C. Wayman, Ph.D.  My work is focused on helping educators, schools, and districts in K-12 settings use data in support of their practice.  My clients include schools, districts, and organizations that provide services to support educators in their use of data.

Educational data use is about all I’ve thought about (professionally) for the last 10 years, first at Johns Hopkins University, then at the University of Texas, and now in my consulting work.  During this time, I have conducted a number of research studies, taught numerous graduate-level courses, and helped hundreds of educators – all with the aim of using data to improve practice.  My main interest is to help teachers use data such that it is part of their everyday work and supports their most valuable asset: their judgment.

Take a tour of my site – if you’re interested in the effective use of educational data, there’s probably something here for you.  I’m in the process of building this site out, so come back often.  In the coming months, I hope to continue to add resources, research and knowledge – all in hopes of helping educators know more about their students.